Times are changing!!!!

Well, can I get an AMEN that times (as we know it) are certainly changing????  With that so does life bring change. I am seeking direction in the NEXT phase of my ministry. In order to do that,  I have to STOP, TAKE TIME and LISTEN. I love speaking and sharing my testimony even as painful and as shameful as it is. I LOVE showing what grace can do for you. GOD'S grace is sufficient for EVERY need. I am getting more involved in Women's Ministry and would love to come and speak or HOST. a conference for YOU . God has a plan, a PERFECT plan, we just have to learn to follow and not lead. Sometimes that is very hard for me because I want to get busy about doing it NOW. So let me know if you would like  to have me come and be a part of your next church service or Women's event!!!! 

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