I realized many years ago, due to my painful past, that I had a burning desire and a calling deep in my heart.....That desire was to encourage, uplift,  inspire and bring hope to women who have gone through or going through life changing circumstances. Those experiences that leave you feeling worthless, unloved, unwanted, unworthy, and sometimes even feeling life is not worth living anymore. I learned that by sharing my testimony I can give hope to others that are struggling with their own demons. We ALL have things in our past we are not proud of and we all have made mistakes.  It took me many years to really COME CLEAN with my past and own what I had done.  I felt if people REALLY knew me, they wouldn't love me.   That was a lie Satan had me bound with for YEARS.  That is why I love this conference "Extraordinary Joy."     It helps us to learn to release the things in life that we are bound to. By learning the 10 things we need in our life in order to experience true, real and EXTRAORDINARY JOY, we begin to focus on the fact that no matter what is in our past, GOD can bring us freedom. He can release us from those things that hold us back from being all that HE wants us to be. This conference is certainly heavy at times but we do bring joy and laughter into the mix as well.  We will laugh, we will cry and we will learn.......but mostly, we will walk away being FREE from the lies Satan whispers to us on a daily basis. Just remember.......With GOD, ALL things are possible. I would love the opportunity to share my personal testimony and this conference with YOU. Contact me for more information. No crowd is too big or too small. 
Here is a few quotes from some attendees of the Conference. 

Lives are being changes, women are being set free from the bondage Satan has us bound with.  

Thank you for helping me to see that I CAN choose JOY no matter what life brings me....Thank you for an awesome event!!!

WOW, this is exactly what I needed.  I will never be the same....I am a survivor!!!

Extraordinary Joy gives me the tools I need when those times of temptation, sadness and doubt set in.  TODAY, I got it!!!!!