God is SO good!!

Well, it has been a while since I posted here...but just feel I need to give a big shout out to my Heavenly Father.  I recently went to a conference in Pickwick, TN.  We arrived Friday and I had to speak on Saturday morning.  That evening when the Conference began,,,,,a beautiful lady got up and shared her testimony.  She had lost her husband and a few months later, her son passed away,,,,unexpectedly.  WOW, this shook me to my core and I began to weep at the thought of the loss this precious lady endured and endures daily.  You see....I knew I had to share MY testimony the next day and mine is so completely different than hers.....Satan began to make me feel that shame and guilt and regret so strong that I felt like packing my stuff up and RUNNING back home!!!  I didn’t want to tell my story....my past....my testimony.  I had ladies praying for me because within myself I did not have the courage even though I had told my story many times before.  That night I did not sleep well, cried all night and dreaded the next day.  BUT...Saturday came and it was time for me to share my testimony.  I just have to give GOD all the glory.  HE spoke through me and I don’t even remember the words I said.....I just know that it was a BEAUTIFUL story....a story of God’s grace and mercy and forgiveness......Lives were changed that day and one of them was mine.  HE showed me not to be ashamed but in ALL things GIVE HIM PRAISE.  He used ME that day to tell a story of how Satan can and will destroy lives if we let him.  BUT GOD said TRUST ME......I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU...and HE didn’t and HE hasn’t.  Thank you GOD for allowing me to be used for YOUR glory and I give YOU all the praise because YOU are worthy.  I am still receiving messages of how my testimony touched and changed their lives.  Women were breaking free from that bondage Satan had them bound with for years.    With GOD ALL things are possible.  When GOD forgives us...HE washes us CLEAN....Don’t let Satan hold you captive to your past.  It is under the blood...Thank you Lord for dying on the cross for MY sins.  All that I have, ALL that I am, All I ever hope to be...is because MY God is FAITHFUL...

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