Dolly's back!

It had been YEARS since I had done a Dolly Parton Show.....But my daughter called and asked if I would do it for the clients at Morning Pointe Assisted Living in Hixson, Tennessee where she is the Activity could I tell her no??????So I got busy....I dug out my wig, and a COUPLE other things......and started working on my music...  Finally the time had come and I must say.  IT WAS GREAT!!!!!      They danced, and would sing along and clap their hands....I had my picture made with everyone and some of them ACTUALLY thought I was the REAL  Dolly!!!!   One of the clients there carried a Dolly doll around with him all the time and proudly showed it to me.   Another fellow actually CRIED when we had our photo together....He had invited his whole family to see the show!!!!!!    It's ironic that even when I am not in DOLLY costume, people tell me that I remind them of her......So, I am bringing Dolly back......If I can brighten someone's day like I did with Morning Pointe folks....I will gladly do it again.....So, check out the photos in the Gallery.  Not bad I would say!!!!!   Why don't you have Dolly at your next Women's Conference or Festival?   Lots of fun!!!!!  I will be posting some videos soon!!!!

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